“Everybody has a different idea of love.”
Andy Warhol

To support Andy Warhol’s quote, submit a quote on our “ODE TO LOVE” wall telling us your idea of love, for a chance to win a pair of Vigoss jeans.
You can also enter via twitter by following and mentioning @vigossusa with “your quote” and #lovelovevigoss.
The Vigoss team will pick 20 quotes to put on a physical ode to love wall that will be put up in the Vigoss studio. Each of the 20 winners will receive a pair of Vigoss denim.

Contest runs till March 13th 2012

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Our view from the loft, taken yesterday at 5:45 pm. What a beautiful view from our office here at Vigoss. The sky line of New york creates one of the many inspirations we use for our denim designs! Take a look at our denim jeans at www.vigossusa.com.

Photography by Carlyle Hanson

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Get Vigoss!

With the blooming of Vigoss’ new E-commerce site, our sales team is still hard at work acting on the other end. Vigoss’ collection is featured not only online at vigossusa.com, but also throughout the nation in department stores, such as, Norstrom, Maurices, and macy’s.com, also in many boutiques in the United States and Puerto Rico.

You can’t help but to adore everything from our quality styled jeans to our signature stitching and “V’s”. Vigoss will make a statement in your retail location or boutique, joining you into the growing Vigoss community! Contact our sales team at customersupport@vigossusa.com or 212.764.6668 to see styles and samples.

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Vigoss’ Guide on How to Wash Your Jeans

Denim is a material that must be taken care of in order to preserve the feel, shape, and wash. Most people wear their jeans a few time and throw it in the washer with other dark clothes. This is a mistake!

Machine washing your jeans causes the fibers on the cotton fabric to swell, in turn causing the yarns to tense up and get shorter, shrinking the jean. The open look of a jean is then damaged, as well as, fading the wash of the jean.

That being said, no one these days really has the time to separately hand wash their denim, so Vigoss has made some “Must Do’s” when washing your jeans.

  • Wash all of your jeans, and only jeans, in one load
  • Wash on a delicate cycle, so the washer doesn’t agitate the fibers to much
  • Turn your jeans inside out (remember to check that your pockets are empty!)
  • Use only cold water to wash your jeans, leaving out the detergent, thus keeping the indigo intact and even helping out the environment
  • Remove jeans immediately after the cycle is finished
  • The best way to dry jeans is air drying, hanging your jeans by the belt loop to preserve the body and shape of the jean
  • If you use the dryer, dry on low heat only
  • If your jeans are to big and you are putting them in the dryer on high heat to shrink, they will only shrink unevenly. It’s best to get them professionally altered

If you are willing to completely preserve your denim, there are two methods that work to keep your jeans clean and fresh. Avoid washing your jeans all together and when the time comes to clean them, fold them up, place in a sealed bag, and put them in your freeze for a week. The cold air kills all the living organisms and leaves them crisp and clean.

Method two is to hand wash your jeans. Fill your tub with room temperature water and add about two tablespoons of detergent. You can also add about 1/8 cup of vinegar to your dark wash jeans. The vinegar preserves and sets the indigo and keeps the jeans from fading.

Use best practice when cleaning your jeans, because we all know you want your favorite, best fitting jeans to last forever!

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Sunday Jeans!

You have to love the atmosphere of pumped up fans whether you are a huge sports fan or just enjoy the get together of friends that, just so happens, to have the game on TV! With the baseball season in the playoff phase and slowly coming to a close, football is shining through! The summer Sunday-Funday has now turned into Football Sunday’s. But let’s not jump ahead, not just football seems to be showing on Sundays, baseball is taking priority with the nail-biting series going on. Both tied 2-2 in their series are the Phillies vs. Cardinals, the Yankees vs. Tigers, and the D-backs vs. Brewers.

Being a true sports fan, Vigoss knows that if your cities team is in one of the series, you find it hard to know what to wear on Sundays. The clever fan comes forward with the idea of wearing both jersey’s, changing throughout the day to support their team. Fortunately jeans finish the perfect uniform for all sports needs!

Grab a pair of Vigoss jeans at www.vigossusa.com, your brand new chucks, and your two team shirts. 1st game on Sunday gets the jersey, and the later game gets the T-shirt. This way you can wear the T-shirt under the jersey and waste no time missing any action by simply switching shirts and never moving from your seat! Don’t forget, in sports the tied back shirt is always allowed, so make sure to show off your signature Vigoss back pockets!

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