Queen of Pop: Madonna, A Material Girl

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Since the early 1980s Madonna has been a music and fashion icon. She is currently the most successful solo artist in the history of the Billboard charts according to the Billboard Hot 100 50 Year Anniversary Charts. Madonna’s fame goes back to the dawn of MTV; during its development she was constantly a featured artist. And in 1984 during the first MTV Video Music Awards show, she gave a live performance of her most memorable hit, “Like a Virgin.” As an artist who rose to fame during those early MTV days, it is remarkable that Madonna still remains relevant and is recording a new album next month.

Madonna has been a major fashion influence throughout the years. The unique styles she featured in her music videos and performances became a huge fashion trend for the 1980s and on. Madonna’s most notable looks during the 80s included a lot of lace, fishnet stockings, skirts over capri pants, crucifix jewelry, and rubber bracelets. Short, bleached blonde hair was her most common hairstyle. It was her stylist Maripol who helped create the look. The queen of pop has also been known to utilize gender and sexuality to create her image and increase her superstar status.

Madonna represents individuality and independence by constantly remaining in control of both her music and look. As the legend’s image has evolved and grown throughout the years, so has her fan base and impact.

-Sonya Matejovičová

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Daily Strip: Good Morning

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#ThrowbackThursday: 1994

Throwback ThursdayThis #Throwbackthursday, we look at how things “used to be” in the ever so memorable year, 1994! Listening to music in the early 90′s, you got the sense that the artists were predominantly focused on having fun. This “easy riding” attitude was prominent in many aspects of pop culture as well. 1994 was a time when America was having technological breakthroughs and artistic achievements. Apple Computers released the first Mac computer using a PowerPC Microprocessor in 1994, which changed the face and future of the personal computer. It was also a time when Bill Clinton was president pre-Monica Lewinsky, and was loved by most. The Lion King became the highest grossing hand drawn film, and would be ranked the 32nd highest grossing feature film ever. In Super Bowl XXVIII the Dallas Cowboys destroyed the Buffalo Bills 52-17, and it was Emmitt Smith who was said to be one of the greatest players in the NFL. Michael Jackson was the first artist to perform solo during any Super Bowl in 1993, and his performance was so well received, that he single handedly revolutionized the business of “the halftime show”. He paved the way for Rockin’ Country Sunday in 1994.Although so much more happened, these a just a few moments in time that I hold dear. When you look back on 1994, what do you remember?

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Disney Gains A New Life

#ThrowbackThrusday: Disney Princesses are real!!

Ryan AstamendiRyan AstamendiRyan AstamendiRyan Astamendi

Photography by Ryan Astamendi

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#Throwback Thursday Commercial Break

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