Happy 2012 Olympics from the Vigoss team!

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Blogger Spotlight: Lainy Hedaya of Hauteinhabit.com

The FABULOUS fashion blogger Lainy Hedaya, of HauteInhabit.com, came to visit us in our showroom this week for a sneak peak of our Fall 2012 line. We decided to pick her brain a little with a few questions.

Why did you initially decide to start a blog?

I started the blog this winter when a friend read a few tweets of mine about styling and convinced me to start a website. I’ve been working in the industry since high school, but the blog has definitely opened my eyes to much more and I love it.

What denim trends are you particularly inspired by this season?

I really like boyfriend cuts but something that doesn’t fall off the waist. I also like printed denim especially when it’s through acid wash. It’s all about textures and prints this season. The crazier the better!

What is your favorite denim cut?

Skinny jeans are a favorite. They are the easiest to pull together.

You seem to love jeans! How many would you say you own? 

If I had to guess, well over 40 pairs.

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Denim Street Style

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Get The Look

Top Shop Jacket $110
JCrew Bag $303
Vince Camuto Glasses $65
Manolo Blanik Shoes $595
Vigoss Jeans $64

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