Traveling in Denim: Stay Comfortable on the Road

Vigoss loves traveling and its Vigoss wearing jet-setters. We want you want to feel comfortable during your journey whether you’re at the airport or driving in the car.

So what kind of denim should you be wearing during your travels? You need a pair that makes you feel relaxed and prepared to sit for long periods of time, but you also need to be able to move around. Make sure you have some stretch in there! You can wear jeans you haven’t washed recently or a worn-out pair to keep with the vintage trend. Bermuda shorts make it easier to bend your knees, while crops keep you feeling cooler.

Vigoss jeans are the perfect solution to stay comfortable AND stylish. Pair them with a loose fitting top for comfort from head to toe. Check out these celebrities for the perfect denim pairing inspiration!


Finish out the summer by traveling in style with Vigoss jeans! Visit your local Nordstrom location to try them on for yourself to experience the true comfort of our product.

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Rips and Repairs: The Ultimate Rocker Chic Look

Sonya Matejovičová
Distressed denim is it’s own fashion statement and it’s an easy way to look like a rockstar. It can make a very simple outfit bold and modern. Distressed details can be stylish in different areas on the jean, whether around the thighs, knees, hips, or butt. And no worries, denim can still be durable even if distressed. So spice up your wardrobe and get a little crazy with rips and repairs on your denim!
-Sonya Matejovičová

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Sexy Summer Crops

Vigoss USA

Frayed Crop with 4” inseam

No matter which street you walk down, you are bound to spot one of the hottest trends for this summer…crops. Vigoss has been on the cutting edge of this trend with its selection of bermudas, mid-thigh and short lengths available in a variety of styles, washes and colors. And no matter which length of our crops you prefer, one thing is for sure- the variety of fits and detailing Vigoss offers allows EVERYONE to find something to keep them in style during the hot summer months.

Vigoss USA
Double Rolled 1” Hem Crop with 9” inseam
Vigoss USA
Double Rolled 1.5” Hem Crop with 14.5” inseam

The great thing about this trend is the versatility. Pair our crops with anything from flip flops and a casual tee for a more laid-back look or dress up a darker wash crop with some heels for a night out. And a little helpful hint when sporting this leg-baring trend…pair your crops with the season’s latest wedges to elongate and define your legs. In fact, Nordstrom’s list of summer’s top 10 trends includes both denim shorts and wedges

Vigoss USA

Regular Hem Crop with 9” inseam:


Check out the hottest Vigoss crops this season at your nearest Nordstrom location

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Virtual Fitting Room, A Denim Don’t

Virtual Fitting RoomVirtual Fitting Rooms allow online shoppers to input their measurements and view an online robotic mannequin of their figures so they can determine how the clothing fits on their bodies. It’s an interesting internet marketing strategy especially since online clothing sales have been increasing rapidly. However will this technology work for all types of apparel?

Virtual Fitting Rooms won’t work well for jeans because online images are too limited. They might be helpul, but when it comes to jeans not all are created equal, and sometimes consumers look for a particular fit or hug on the hips and body. Carlyle, head designer of Vigoss jeans stated that the waist, hips, and rise are the 3 main measurements to consider for the ideal fit.

A mannequin cannot replace an actual body shape and fit.There are also varied lengths to consider.
Virtual fitting rooms can improve the online shopping experience especially if consumers are familiar with a particular brand,
but even then not every piece of clothing fits the same in the usual size. Also, online shopping doesn’t provide shoppers with the same experience;actually getting to feel the fabric and move around in it is a crucial part of the shopping experience.Customers will never be fully certain about the fit and feel unless they try on the denim. Furthermore consumers might not want to be honest with themselves and their real sizes.

The clothing might look good online but a simulated mannequin is not close enough to the real thing.Virtual fitting rooms can be a huge aid to shoppers and companies, allowing both to save time
and money by reducing the amount of returns and exchanges.For some it might work, but it’s doubtful virtual fitting rooms will be an adequate replacement for in-store fitting rooms, especially when it comes to denim.

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What a Denim Wash or Style Says About You!


A certain wash or style of denim can help describe the type of person you are. You can also consider your personality and sense of style to select the right type of denim for you. Sometimes it depends on your mood or the weather and you can cover all of the styles year round.


Carefree, laid back, bohemian:           light washes, faded denim, flared jeans, capris

Classy, chic, subtly sexy:                    medium-dark washes, boot cut, crops, white denim

Serious, stylish, posh, sleek:                black denim, dark washes, skinny jeans, coated denim

Fun, fearless, trendy:                          colored denim, distressed jeans, white denim

Daring, edgy, risk taker:                     destroyed denim, rhinestones, dark washes

Casual, comfortable, active:                light washes, cutoff or Bermuda shorts, stretch jeans

Outgoing, flashy, confident:               rhinestones, studs, embellishments, colored denim

-Sonya Matejovičová


Tell us what kind of Denim personality you have in the poll below.

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