What a Denim Wash or Style Says About You!


A certain wash or style of denim can help describe the type of person you are. You can also consider your personality and sense of style to select the right type of denim for you. Sometimes it depends on your mood or the weather and you can cover all of the styles year round.


Carefree, laid back, bohemian:           light washes, faded denim, flared jeans, capris

Classy, chic, subtly sexy:                    medium-dark washes, boot cut, crops, white denim

Serious, stylish, posh, sleek:                black denim, dark washes, skinny jeans, coated denim

Fun, fearless, trendy:                          colored denim, distressed jeans, white denim

Daring, edgy, risk taker:                     destroyed denim, rhinestones, dark washes

Casual, comfortable, active:                light washes, cutoff or Bermuda shorts, stretch jeans

Outgoing, flashy, confident:               rhinestones, studs, embellishments, colored denim

-Sonya Matejovičová


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