Denim Street Style

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Honorable Mention: Luna’s Red Pants

The Red PantsLuna is a hip chic who lives and works in New York City. Her blog, THE RED PANTS, is full of interesting and posts and jaw dropping photos. It’s a cool place to go for fun or to learn something. This Brooklynite doesn’t just look great in pictures, she includes advice and recommendations on topics, ranging from accessories to ice cream. Luna writes about some of her favorite places and things in NYC, and makes sure to get into detail on these great finds.  Speaking of great finds, on her blog she features a picture of herself wearing Vigoss jeans. It’s our honor to mention, Luna of The Red Pants!!

The Red PantsThe Red Pants

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Tastemaker’s Choice: Robin Soko

Robin SokoWhile my love affair with Harlem began many moons ago, this little gem of a restaurant has me committed. No more jumping through hoops for a frenzied brunch on my well-earned lazy day. I can loll-i-gag away the week’s shenanigans with a stroll to Settipani; knowing however long it takes my roster of usual suspects to congregate, they will be seated indeed!

Come fresh in your Sunday best, arm in arm with your guy; bring your bowler hat, and bring your bow tie. Settipani caters a delightful Mediterranean menu to compliment its vibrant locale. Nestled on Lenox Ave @120th, their dream-like interiors come replete with chestnut wovens, plush velvets, virgin white marble, spring tulips, and crisp heavenly light. Stalwart wardrobes ripped from a page of C.S. Lewis? They have ‘em. This uptown eatery will see you transported… or you may apparate if that’s your wish.

196 Lenox Avenue
New York, NY 10026


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Vigoss Loves: Eric Poon

Eric PoonThe other day we bumped into our friend Eric Poon outside of Blind Barber looking super chic. Eric is one half of the company Vane, which was establish in 2006 and has since grown a large following in New York. Eric was also named one of StyleCasters’ 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers so, we had to capture him in his element. Here are a couple quick shots of Eric Poon outside Blind Barber. Eric PoonEric PoonEric Poon

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Denim in History

On Thursday, May 26, 1977 George Willig climbed up the South Tower of the World Trade Center. He prepared for his stunt by figuring out the size of the clamps to be used and testing the equipment a few times a night. Finally on the day of his stunt, it took him three and a half hours to complete the daring climb. He basically went up the window washing tracks. Of course he accomplished this while wearing a durable pair of jeans! Afterwards he was fined $1.10, basically a penny for all 110 stories of the tower. George Willig is also known as the “human fly” or “spiderman”. Let it be known that spiderman” wears denim.
-Sonya Matejovičová

Copyright Michael Cardacino

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