Traveling in Denim: Stay Comfortable on the Road

Vigoss loves traveling and its Vigoss wearing jet-setters. We want you want to feel comfortable during your journey whether you’re at the airport or driving in the car.

So what kind of denim should you be wearing during your travels? You need a pair that makes you feel relaxed and prepared to sit for long periods of time, but you also need to be able to move around. Make sure you have some stretch in there! You can wear jeans you haven’t washed recently or a worn-out pair to keep with the vintage trend. Bermuda shorts make it easier to bend your knees, while crops keep you feeling cooler.

Vigoss jeans are the perfect solution to stay comfortable AND stylish. Pair them with a loose fitting top for comfort from head to toe. Check out these celebrities for the perfect denim pairing inspiration!


Finish out the summer by traveling in style with Vigoss jeans! Visit your local Nordstrom location to try them on for yourself to experience the true comfort of our product.

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Summer Essentials: The Vigoss Skinny


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Vigoss Loves: Allyx Theus

Allyx Theus
Our good friend Allyx Theus came by The Loft the other day and loved these Black Flap Pocket Skinny Jeans. She had to try them out, so we took a couple shots. Take a look! Available at Nordstrom
Allyx TheusAllyx Theus


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Denim Quality: All The Signs You Should Know

Vigoss USAQuality jeans are a worthwhile investment. For denim, quality means a better fit and longer last.
Here are some key indicators of high quality denim to consider when making your next purchasing decision:
-          Fiber Content- Cotton with 2% lycra, spandex or elastane allows jeans to change shape with your body without stretching out and will snap back after you take them off. The true indicator of quality is not the stretch itself but the recovery of the material.

Put it to the test! While shopping, pull on the waistband of the jeans to see if it returns to its original shape. When laid out flat, if the fabric is not good quality, the waistband will have a wavy appearance.
-          Look closely at the fabric. The more interesting the fabric and the grain, the better the quality. Denim with a crisscross grain generally has the best bounce-back abilities to keep their shape wear-after-wear.
-          Quality closures (zippers and buttons) are essential. Make sure buttonholes are large enough for the button. Make sure zippers work without getting stuck. Non-branded zippers will generally not last as long. We don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions!
Vigoss USA-          Denim with a lot of weathering will not last as long but generally cost more. Timeless washes and styles such as a dark-rinse are worth the investment since they are bound to last you season after season.
-          Make sure any embellishment or other detailing is reinforced and not falling off.
-          The rise shouldn’t be too low; a contoured waistband will ensure your undergarments don’t go on public display.
-          The color (especially of darker wash jeans) doesn’t wear off on your legs, hands or any other clothing.
-          The pocket holes/bulges are not visible.
-          There are no panty lines or visible underwear, especially with white denim. If this isn’t reason to spend a few extra dollars on a pair of jeans, we don’t know what is!

Remember: The more expensive pair of jeans isn’t always the better quality option. Go through these simple steps to help you feel confident that your jeans are, in fact, worth your money.

Visit your local Nordstrom to check out how Vigoss jeans measure up to these quality tests. Let us know how we do…we’d love to hear from you!

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Cost Per Wear

Vigoss USA“Picking the right pair of denim does wonders for your figure and a good pair, with proper care, will last you ages.  It’s a piece that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion and when you’re buying a staple, it’s best to pick quality over quantity/cost.” –

Let’s face it, in today’s economy people feel guilty about buying a more expensive article of clothing. Often, the primary factor considered when making a purchase is the price. Why would someone spend $70 on a pair of Vigoss jeans when another brand has jeans for $20 or $30? What isn’t considered is that, generally, the higher price indicates better quality and a better fit.

As a fellow fashionista and denim lover, a little concept I learned in school helped me to look at purchasing from another angle.  It provides all the justification you need for splurging to get quality, fit and longevity out of your clothes. Cost per wear; computed by a simple calculation of dividing the price of an item by the number of times you will wear it during its lifespan. For all you math haters out there, don’t fret. Simply put, the more you wear it, the less the cost per wear. puts it in meaningful terms “’Cost per wear’ is the ultimate justification of a purchase that is priced just beyond your comfort zone. The idea that you’re paying for an item’s use over time mentally turns the price tag into a rental fee.”

So the next time you’re looking to purchase a new pair of jeans, think about how long they are going to last you. Likely, the better quality, higher priced pair, will maintain their shape and overall fit that made you fall in love with them in the first place for a longer period of time than the $20 jeans. The longer they last, the more uses you get out of them, which actually decreases the cost per wear.

Go ahead, SPLURGE on VIGOSS, and don’t feel guilty about doing it!
Vigoss USA
-Justine Venezia
***Available at Nordstrom

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