Blogger Spotlight: Lainy Hedaya of

The FABULOUS fashion blogger Lainy Hedaya, of, came to visit us in our showroom this week for a sneak peak of our Fall 2012 line. We decided to pick her brain a little with a few questions.

Why did you initially decide to start a blog?

I started the blog this winter when a friend read a few tweets of mine about styling and convinced me to start a website. I’ve been working in the industry since high school, but the blog has definitely opened my eyes to much more and I love it.

What denim trends are you particularly inspired by this season?

I really like boyfriend cuts but something that doesn’t fall off the waist. I also like printed denim especially when it’s through acid wash. It’s all about textures and prints this season. The crazier the better!

What is your favorite denim cut?

Skinny jeans are a favorite. They are the easiest to pull together.

You seem to love jeans! How many would you say you own? 

If I had to guess, well over 40 pairs.

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Audrey Allure is a fan! 

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So we had a press preview, and planning it was just as fun as the day itself. Editors and bloggers stopped by to check out the upcoming Fall/Winter 2012 collection and they loved it. The new treatments and finishes were a hit! See: Coated jean styles with sparkles and a hybrid velvet twill fabric for pants. We had an on the spot convert by way of blogger Natalie of Natalie of Off Duty. She loved her gift so much she left with them on.


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Vigoss in Blogger Styling Wars!

Check out Vigoss in the Styling Wars between two bloggers, Sammy Davis and HelloKatyXo! We feel the love here at Vigoss with the debate over which blogger styled our product best:

Here’s Sammy’s Video!

And here’s Katy’s video!

Who do you think does it best??

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Forever 21 Threatens to Sue a Blogger?! blogger, Rachel Kane, was sent a cease-and-desist letter from Forever21. The retailer accuses her of copyright infringement, trademark infringement, unfair competition, and dilution because her blog makes fun of its products. The company claims its reputation is being damaged by the “WTF” intro to the Forever21 name. Forever 21 threatens to file suit against her if she doesn’t delete her site by June 10. Kane says she will probably take it down.

Is there really just cause for silencing the critic/writer?

-Sonya Matejovičová

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