Now that colored denim has found its place as a  fashion staple, we’re on the look out for great color parings. Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing teal colored jeans with beige accessories. She is definitely a Denim Do.  You can recreate her look with our Vigoss Light Teal Skinny Basic .

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The first rule of Flower Club is you. must. not. over. do. it. Floral is huge for spring -big surprise- but you will be to sure to see people put it together in cringe worthy ways. This is a simple how to for tackling Spring/Summer’s floral overload.

Dark Floral and Light Floral

If you are going for an all floral look, pair floral prints with similar backgrounds. For instance florals on a dark background vs. florals on a light background. Florals  on a dark background are perfect for night, while florals on a light background chic’s up your day ensembles.

Bottom or Top ?

If you are going for a singular look, consider your proportions. Heavy on top? Florals are flattering when worn  on the bottom and paired with a solid top  and vice versa if you have a heavy bottom.

Shy Style?

If  you think you can’t pull of the floral trend, think again. Adding floral accessories can create just enough impact to state that you are Spring ready.

Here a few floral examples paired with a Vigoss Dark Wash Skinny.

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Flash sales are the best; they are here today and gone tomorrow but with that whirlwind comes some fabulous garments at a steal. Vigoss is part of two starting this week and ending next week. First up is Zulily on the 15th of March and ends on the 18th of March, while  Ideeli  starts on the 21st of March and ends on the 22nd of March. Mark your calendars ladies!

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A blazer goes a long way as an investment piece. Colorful blazers are perfect for spring/summer and gives a new life to any outfit. Try a blazer in orange, blue or pink for a touch of color to take your look up a notch. Here these colors are paired with our Vigoss Dark Wash Skinny ‘V’.

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I cannot begin the express the importance of investment pieces, they serve as the perfect foundation for any outfit, especially when trying out trends. A perfect investment piece is a button up shirt, best of all one in white. The White Button Up Shirt is to day as the Little Black Dress is to night. Here are a few white button ups in a Peter Pan collar style, a point collar style and a pin-tuck collar style, all styled with the Vigoss Studio Red Skinny Dublin.

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